Common Questions

What are your weekend services like? 

Each weekend at Mt. Hope you’ll find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and a practical, relevant message. The 9:30 service features piano, organ, hymns, and a choir. The 11:00 service has the same message and our bands supply music that is modern.

What will happen when I visit? 

If you are visiting for the first time, we will not embarrass you. We know that many people want to check out the church and “be anonymous” for a while! Come in, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and see if this is the church for you. Inside your handout, you will find a connection card. Please take a moment to fill it out when you come. Again, don’t worry! We won’t show up at your house the next day. We simply want to send you a message and let you know how much we appreciate your visit.

What about my children?

At Mt. Hope, your children are a top priority. Our nursery is clean, safe, and staffed with dedicated workers. We offer a fantastic children’s ministry as well as opportunities for students from junior high through high school to connect, grow and serve in a way that will be life-changing. If you have a child 6th grade or younger, there will be a “Children’s Time” near the beginning of the service when the kids gather up front for a quick lesson with the pastor. Children are dismissed from there to attend classes or go back to sit with you during the service.

How do I find out more?

Join us for lunch at “Mount Hope 101.” Every few months, people who are new or checking out our church stick around after church. In about an hour, while you have lunch, we will give you the nuts and bolts of who we are, introduce you to some leaders, and answer questions. Be our guest. We will have a nursery and feed your kids too.

101 is part of a series of classes designed to help you explore. For more information visit the Attend a Class page.

Do you have small groups?

Small groups are an important part of Mt. Hope. In fact, we believe you haven’t fully experienced the church until you’ve experienced our small groups. Groups allow you to meet others and develop relationships that will spur your relationship with God. As our church grows, small groups allow us to “stay small” and connected. Mt. Hope Small Groups meet as Adult Sunday School Classes, Women’s and Men’s groups, bible studies, Teams that do projects together, short term studies, and long-term groups.

How can I get involved?

Take a look at the Connect section. There are other opportunities too. Pastor Rob or Pastor Eric would love to help you get connected into the right group. Feel free to contact them at,, or 517-482-1549.

Who is Jesus?

If you are figuring out who he is and what that means, Sunday worship and small groups, and the Who is Jesus page are great places to consider and explore.