Attend a Class

101, 180, 201, and 301 is a series of classes to help you check out our church. They are designed to take in order, but jump in where you have time and interest.  

To request info. You can also contact Rob, Eric, or the church office for the schedule.

Mt Hope 101

New? Just checking us out?

Join Rob & Eric on a Sunday right after the 11:00 service. While we eat lunch you'll hear about our church, mission, priorities, and meet some interesting leaders. In about an hour you'll learn how we are coming together to make a difference for our community, our faith, and how to get involved. We'll have sitters & pizza for your kids too. 

Mt Hope 180

A class open to anyone, anywhere on the road of Christian faith. Led by our pastor, this class centers on the great basics of our faith. Perfect to remind us of what unites us, and a great class if you know NOTHING about what Christians believe or even if you're a seasoned saint. We'll also cover traits unique to the United Methodist Church.

Mt Hope 201

What does it mean to be a member here? What does it mean to be baptized? Lunch and information on membership and baptism with Rob and Eric. Usually right after the 11:00 service and we'll have sitters and lunch ready for your kids too.  

Mt Hope 301

Leadership development. What does it mean to be an authentic Christian leader? We'll give you our take on leadership and how you can make an impact, further the mission of God, and influence the world side-by-side with leaders at Mt. Hope.